I know from my own experience and from that of my colleagues that change may be scary, especially when you have to transition from your traditional face-to-face classes to online training. Given the current situation in the world, it may well be life-saving for everyone involved. So if you are struggling with this transition, try to identify what makes it scary, reach out to your colleagues and ask them about their experience. Be sure you’ll find a very supportive network out there.

It’s often the case with learners as well. For various reasons, they refuse to move online and resist even giving their trainers a chance to show them all the advantages of online learning. If you are learning English or any other language face-to-face and feel reluctant to give it a try, think about these questions.

  • Why are you learning it?
  • How often do you use this language to communicate with people online and offline?
  • Could it be a good time to master some skills for working virtually?

After all, if you don’t practice, your English may get rusty and you’ll have to start all over again. Maybe this is your chance to create new opportunities for your future life and career. Use this to learn how to connect in this new reality with everyone online.

Stay safe and healthy,