In the time when people around the globe are getting used to the reality of working from home, I’d like to share how you can make better use of your English at any level of proficiency.

Try to be as clear as you can in your communication with English-speaking colleagues. Using a simple phrase instead of a popular idiom is no mistake. On the contrary, it’s your way to reduce the stress levels for those on your team who want to focus on delivering the result rather than google the meaning of that phrase.

Pace yourself when speaking during the calls. Make your pauses two seconds longer than in face-to-face meetings. It will save you the time you would have to spend on clarifying and repeating things because of technical delays.

When talking or writing to your colleagues, add an extra ‘thank you’. Online communication may seem dry and quite impersonal to many depending on their experience and cultural setting. Why not brighten up somebody’s day with a smile or at least a smiley in the chat?

Stay safe and keep learning,


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