I don’t know what kind of associations you have when you read this phrase, but to me it’s a very accurate description of what the world is going through at the moment. Today probably more than ever we see how much we are all interconnected and how much we all depend on each other.

You can say, ‘What does it have to do with communication and learning English?’ It’s all the same in any meeting or any work-related conversation that you have. It may be a negotiation or a daily stand-up to update all the team members on what everyone is working on. If one person struggles with getting their message across, everyone suffers to some extent. So if you can help that struggling colleague by simply asking a clarification question or helping them out by rephrasing what they said to check understanding, you are helping everyone, including yourself.

If only our international meetings were more like this, maybe we would have fewer ‘boats’ and more ‘cruise ships’ to enjoy the conversation and reach our common goals.

Stay safe and keep helping each other,


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