How often do you get clients who are very eager to learn and feel ready to work 24/7? I am sure we all do at times.

Why am I talking about it now? In my part of the world it’s summer now and, although many people are not travelling abroad and aren’t planning any long breaks, it’s absolutely vital that we all have some time to relax. It makes us more productive and helps us recharge our batteries.

Knowing this I aim at helping my clients plan their learning journey in a most effective way. It’s not only about reaching the goals we outline. It’s also about suggesting having a break from active or intensive learning and blocking some time in your calendar for a walk or a day away from your gadgets. Wonder what happens after that? Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Learning a language, especially for business, is a process that has to be managed wisely and time for a break is essential.

Stay well,


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